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Our highly skilled team combines years of experience with industry certifications to build industrial projects from pad construction to commission.

We are ASME certified in U, R, and NB stamps. Therefore, we are able to build and test custom certified pressure vessels on any project.

We have a 10,000 sq. ft. shop and 5 acre facility in Southeast New Mexico where we fabricate any structure and piping needs for our facilities. We also have a 24/7 maintenance crew located in the heart of the oil and gas industry to maintain and repair our facilities.

Compression Station

Compressor Stations

We, at ARForeman Construction specialize in constructing compressor station.  It's part of a gathering system heading on to a larger refinery.  We go in and we set the equipment, pipe it all in.  We commission it and turn it over to operations, but we have maintenance crews that can go out and maintain and repair a very active system.  We have the ability to service multiple areas of the system.

Facility Maintenance

Our facility maintenance team will work hand in hand with operations to help them keep the plant up and running.  There are lots of areas where a plant can go down; for weather as an example or extended run times.  Our guys, at ARForeman Construction, will use a preventative maintenance approach, for keeping all operations running smoothly.

Salt Water Disposal

Because of all the drilling operations out here, there's a lot of excess water and it’s got to go somewhere so we, at ARForeman Construction, drill wells and then inject the wastewater into the well for disposal.


We're not a big pipeline contractor but we do build short runs and flow lines but we're mostly facility builders.

Facility Builder

Whenever a well is completed you have to set up your tank battery.  We've got the best guys in the business building them.    We will take the prefab tanks, gather all the equipment and pipe it all together to create a complete tank battery.

Civil Layout & Design

Civil is mostly concrete in this industry and our guys are the best at it!  They’ll go out and pinpoint exactly where the equipment needs to be located.  They'll set forms, pour the concrete and give you a finished a product.

Structural Fabrication Installation and Repair

In any facility, you’re going to need pipe racks, cable trays, and most importantly a support structure to hold up all this equipment.  This is a service that we, at ARForeman Construction, offer.

Pipe Fabrication

We fabricate pipes here at, at ARForeman Construction, or we can do it out in the field.  It just depends what the customer needs.  We have the ability to fabricate multiple areas of the pipe such as spool pieces and long rounds in a pipe rack.  There are all kinds of different pipe fabrication and applications that we can apply here.

Sandblasting and Coating

We have the ability to sandblast and coat BOTH here at the yard AND out in the field.  Whenever you're putting fabricated pipe in these facilities, you need to protect it…so we blast down to bare metal.  We then prime it, coat it and protect the pipes.

Certified vessel construction

At ARForeman Construction, we have our, R stamp and our U stamps so we can repair and build pressure vessels.  Having those certifications really help on the backend of the facility that’s being fabricated.  You're going to have some failures.  There's no way around it but we have the capability to go out and repair them.  We can construct the U stamp so if we need to construct a whole new vessel, we can.


Hydro Testing

We have all the equipment here, at ARForeman Construction, to hydro test…such as chart recorders and crystal gauges.  Whenever the pipe is fabricated we’ll test it.  We fill up the pipes with water and take it up to (whatever operating pressure) x 1.5…and test the pipe.

Pre-cast blocks

At ARForeman Construction we have the forms on site.  Sometimes it's easier to form up and pour a block in the shop and then deliver it out to the field vs. trying to do it in the field so we will take whatever measurements, whatever specifications the customer gives us, and make a precast block.

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A.R. Foreman Construction provides pipe insulation services for the oil and gas industry. Pipe insulation is a critical component of many oil and gas facilities as it helps to regulate the temperature of the fluids flowing through pipelines and other equipment.

Insulation helps to minimize energy loss and reduce the risk of leaks and other problems. By providing a barrier to heat transfer, insulation helps to maintain the temperature of the fluids flowing through the pipes and equipment. This is especially important in extreme weather conditions, where temperature fluctuations can cause stress and damage to pipelines and other components.

A.R. Foreman Construction is known for providing a range of services to the oil and gas industry, so it's likely that they offer pipe insulation as well. If you're interested in their pipe insulation services, reaching out to us directly for more information.

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